Driving Genomics Forward with Complete Sequencing Solutions 

        We are delighted to announce our 18th year of revolutionizing whole genome sequencing, bringing affordability and scalability to the forefront.

        Dr. Radoje Drmanac, Chief Scientific Officer of Complete Genomics, emphasized the company's growing trust and recognition among US customers due to our advanced patented technologies, cutting-edge products, and comprehensive services. Today, Complete Genomics stands as a leading innovator in high-throughput sequencing technologies, offering end-to-end multi-omics platforms that encompass genetic sequencing and laboratory automation.


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        Matthew Callow
        Senior Director of Biochemistry

        “I have stayed 15+ years here to see the technology move forward in novel ways.”

        Be flexible and critical in your thinking. The data should lead you to new hypotheses to test. Always ask why is something the way it is. Don’t just accept something to be correct because the machine, or someone else says so. Think about the processes that are happening that gave you that answer. With any experimental result ask why I should believe this result. Are all the controls in place? Could the design be better? Can there be more than one conclusion?

        Brock Peters
        Senior Director of Research

        “We are getting close to the point at which we can sequence to near perfection a human genome for a cost of around 100 dollars.”

        The sequencing of our first whole human genome, this happened a few months after I joined and had little to do with me, but we were on the cutting edge at that time as we did it for a cost of around $10,000. At the time it was probably over$100,000 to do the same thing on other instruments. It felt like we had really achieved something monumental, and things were about to really change (which they did).

        Sophie Liu
        Senior Director Business Development

        “Participating in the development of the technology from the start as a proof of concept has been an amazingly rewarding experience.”

        It is extremely gratifying to see the benefit of our unique technology in advancing genomic medicine. For me, the cutting edge, innovative technologies that we are delivering to the market are quite a differentiator and I look forward to the bright future of many applications to enable health monitoring at the molecular level.

        Bobby Warren
        Senior Director Worldwide Facilities


        “Enhancing the comfort of our lab to provide an even better service to valued customers.”

        From Sunnyvale to San Jose, I have witnessed the rapid growth of Complete Genomics. We have expanded from a small office to a significantly larger one, complete with numerous labs. The labs were built out to be modular in function, meaning we can reconfigure bench layouts to suit our needs without having to pull a building permit or make utilities changes. This transformation is truly impressive.

        Jay Shafto
        Principal Process Engineer

        “Stay focused on one goal: providing human genome sequencing at a low cost.”

        There are so many cool moments in the company’s history. I think the best were loading patterned arrays for the first time, the first automated DNB sequencers, achieving fast TDI imaging on blackbird with one pixel per DNB, the critical quality bump on BBD from improving post-load, and in-situ DNB growth reducing split rate.

        Advanced Capabilities Partnerships to Benefit Customers
        Ever since Complete Genomics’ commercial relaunch in the US this year, the company has garnered significant interest recognition and orders from local customerscommercial engagement. As part of its celebration, the company also announced partnerships with several biotechnology companies, . 

        A few highlights captured here: for instance, with Invivoscribe, a San Diego based-vertically-integrated biotechnology company, isto develop and commercializing biomarker tests on DNBSEQ-G99* platforms for oncology and cancer research. These biomarker tests can be used for upfront screening of research specimens, as well as for surveillance, monitoring, and detection of measurable residual disease (MRD) in a clinical research setting. They will initially be released worldwide as Research Use Only (RUO). “We are thrilled to partner with Complete Genomics worldwide as they offer NGS platforms with excellent performance metrics, but at a cost-efficient of the platforms and reagents,” said Jeffrey Miller, CEO and CSO at Invivoscribe. 

        DNBSEQ-G99 Genetic sequencer is our newest instrument and the fastest sequencer ever created. It offers low- to mid-range throughput for targeted gene and small genome sequencing research.

        Early Access Pricing is Available!