Automated -80 Sample Cryo Storage

        MGIClab- LT

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        For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



        MGIClab-LT series are configurable ultra-low temperature automated biological sample library storage vaults. These highly customized - 80 robotic vertical sample storage rooms can realize large-scale, safe and stable preservation of various sample types, including blood, tissue, nucleic acid, protein, microorganisms, and other sample types.

        • Ultra low temperature large-scale preservation
        • Fully automatic and efficient access
        • Intelligent stability and security

        Relying on the supporting strength of Complete Genomics & MGI core tools for life science and technology, it can provide "storage + application" one-stop platform tools from sample pretreatment, nucleic acid extraction, sample preservation and storage, library preparation, gene sequencing, biological information analysis, etc., covering the whole process of sample information and laboratory information, and the whole life cycle data management ability, maximize the sample value and promote production joint development of learning and research.

        Flexible customization

        • Accurate refrigeration in the -80℃ storage area, no vulnerable parts, effectively avoid faults, and the cooling capacity sinking principle ensures the safety of samples
        • -20℃ / - 40℃ variable temperature buffer zone, the automatic mechanical system operates stably, and the maintenance work can be completed by warming back in the buffer zone to protect personnel safety

        High energy efficiency refrigeration technology

        • Two refrigeration systems, one for standby and one for use, and backup liquid nitrogen emergency supply to realize uninterrupted refrigeration chain
        • Multiple temperature control probes are configured for fixed-point monitoring to monitor temperature fluctuations in real time
        • Multistage buffer defrosting, equipped with micro positive pressure frost control technology to reduce frost formation rate

        Flexible customization

        • It provides 500,000 to millions of storage volume options, and can flexibly customize the library according to the actual site conditions and storage requirements
        • High density matrix storage rack can reduce energy consumption and achieve higher space utilization

        Automatic pipe take-up system

        • The whole process of sample warehousing check, sorting, caching and transfer is automated
        • Manipulator movement axis holding brake function, braking in emergency to protect sample safety

        Designed for access

        • Intelligently design the optimal access path and reserve the stock out in batches to greatly improve the access efficiency
        • Intelligently design the optimal access path and reserve the stock out in batches to greatly improve the access efficiency
        • It supports space management by sample type and cool tiger type, and inventory management is intelligent and convenient

        Intelligent information management

        • Support the data docking with the third-party system LIMS / HIS system, and link the cold chain equipment with MGI ZSM Pro biological sample management system to realize data sharing
        • Support the expansion of system functions according to different business requirements, including project initiation, project audit, sample issue / receipt tracking, material information

        Data security management

        • Provide complete operation logs and multi-dimensional sample statistical queries to ensure the traceability of sample data
        • Provide the sample in / out audit management process, customize user permissions, and ensure the security of data access

        MGIClab-LT series vaults combined with MGI biological sample information management system, MGI ZSM Pro, can realize automatic access and intelligent management of samples, ensure sample safety, controllable quality, information traceability and support the whole life cycle management of samples. MGIClab-LT series vaults are designed stable, safe, intelligent, and efficient new biological sample library resources for users with the long-term storage design concept of standardization, intelligence, and automation. 500,000 to 1M samples modularized options available.

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