MGIGLab-L Automated Library Preparation

IMGIGLab-L, an automated library preparation production line, integrates different MGI and third-party instruments with robot. It adopts the concept of workstation assembly line, to accomplish automated sequencing library preparation with the capacity of 300,000-500,000 samples annually.

Self-developed core instrument, professional library preparation automation!
Microplate Transfer Robot SCARA robot on track, completing microplate transfer between instruments.
High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System 96-channel High-precision pipetting head with gripper, Integrated PCR and temperature control module, performing nucleic acid extraction and purification, enzyme reaction and product purification.
Microplate Storage Hotel

Storing and providing consumables and reagents under room temperature.

Human-Machine Interaction Area

Production line control center and the human-machine interface.

Microplate Delivery Window

Physically isolating pre-PCR and post-PCR areas, avoiding cross-contamination.


3rd party instrument integration, extending more production line application!
Liquid Handling Workstation Concentration measurement preparation, concentration normalization and pooling.
Microplate Reader Samples, intermediate and final product concentration measurement.
Microplate Sealer

Sealing intermediate and final product plate films.

Automated Plate Seal Removal

Removing samples, reagent and intermediate product plate films.

Microplate Centrifuge

Samples, reagent and intermediate product plate centrifugation.

Low Temperature Incubation & Storage System Storing and providing samples and reagents under low temperature environment.

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