Fully Automated Blood Fractionation


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        For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


        MGIGLab-S Automated Blood Fractionation

        In our S Series Configuration of the MGIGLab, fully automated blood fractionation is realized with integrated tube loading/unloading, centrifugation, information/barcode collection, buffy coat separation, plasma separation, product storage and a consumable/disposable area.  By assembling a large number of individual instrument modules, reproducing manual steps, into a closed system, a complete workflow and walk-away automation from blood & buffy coat is realized producing an annual production output of 500,000 blood samples.

        • Tube loading loading/unloading module
        • Centrifuge module 
        • Information collection module
        • Buffy coat separation module
        • Plasma separation module
        • Product storage module
        • Consumable / disposable module

        System Design

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        System Design
        • Sample Throughput: 0-240 tubes/time 
        • Blood collection tube: 5ml EDTA & Geneseek tube
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        Product Storage Module
        • Product Storage Module: 5 columns, each for 4 deepwell plates or frozen tube racks
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        Information Collection Module

        • Sample Tracking: Tube image capture and barcode identification
        • Sample Quality Check: Classifying sample quality into different categories - Normal/Hemolytic/Lipemic/Empty Tube
        • Blood Fractionation Recognitive: Accuracy ±1mm, plasma volume calculation, buffy coat height calculation.
        • Tube Decapping: 360° rotation
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        Buffy Coat Separation Module

        • Buffy Coat Separation Throughput: 1-2
        • Buffy Coat Storage Labware: Frozen tube with QR code on the bottom
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        Centrifugation Module

        • Centrifugation Speed: 6200 RPM (5800 g RCF)
        • Tube Type Identification: Sample & balancing tube identification by cap color
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        Plasma Separation Module

        • Plasma Separation Throughput: 1-2
        • Plasma Storage Labware: Deepwell plate or frozen tube with QR code on the bottom
        GlabS pic7

        Consumable Stack Storage Area

        • Consumable Storage Throughput: Pipetting tips, deepwell plates and frozen tubes for 8x96 samples
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        Sample Gasket Handling

        Tube Image Capture

        360° Rotation Decapping

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        Intelligent and flexible sample scheduling, real-time uploading sample status and pipetting information
        1000 samples/8h, work away automation
        10-1000uL pipetting volume, automated plasma and buffy coat calculation
        Whole blood fractionation workflow in a closed system without cross contamination.
        Automated sample tracking, less manual errors

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