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DNA Sequencing Library Preparation Platform
MGISP-100 Automated Sample Preparation System is an automated liquid handling workstation specialized for MPS library preparation. MGISP-100 can process samples in batches, eliminate operators from repetitive processing procedures, increase the stability of library preparation, reduce the total costs, and significantly enhance the overall efficiency in the laboratory.
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SP-100 Pic 2

Fixed-8 Channel Pipette Tool

  • Fixed at 9mm, the pipetting tool can aspirate /dispense the same volume into microplate rows
  • Pipetting volumes between 2μL-200μL
  • Accurate positioning, fast movement, high efficiency


Automated PCR Machine

  • Precise temperature control from 4-990C


HEPA & UV Disinfection

  • Integrated HEPA filter and 2 UV lamps
  • Effectively avoid the influence of pathogens and aerosols


Automatic Up/Down Magnetic Rack

  • The magnetic rack can be up/down automatically
  • Avoids the need mechanical gripper for reliable and simple operation


Temperature Control Module

  • Accurate temperature control, range from 4o0C - 90oC

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