High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation Platform

The MGISP-960 accomplishes plate to plate transfers for high speed microplate processing applications like library prep, ELISA assays, screening and many more.  Equipped with a 96 channel pipetting tool, flexible deck configurations and a microplate gripper as standard tools, a wide variety of applications can be accomplished.  The platform allows a variety of tip sizes, robotic microplate and cover moving; combine this with different peripheral devices like a magnetic plate position and heater/shaker and full NGS methods are completed quickly and efficiently.  Contact us to discuss how your methods fit on our value line automation platforms.
MGISP-960 has validated methodology and a library kits including:
  • WGS
  • Exome/Target Sequencing
  • RNA / Transcriptome Sequencing
  • NIPT
  • PGS / PGD
  • PMseq
  • Tumor mutation gene detection
  • Amplicon Sequencing

Typical NGS Configuration Example:

960 Options

96-Channel High Precision Pipetting Tool

  • High-throughput plate to plate processing 96 channel pipetting tool
  • Tool handles 8 tip row pick up to 96 tips at a time for efficient and flexible liquid handling

Plate Gripper

  • Integrated on 96 channel pipetting tool
  • Works under pipetting tool to move plates and covers
  • Flexibility handling a variety of labware

Platform Deck

  • Flexible platform deck with 24 microplate positions
  • Integrated peripherals; heater, shaker, PCR units, mag positions, etc.

UV Disinfection Lamp

  • Integrated ultraviolet disinfection before and after the experiment
  • Effectively avoids pathogens and aerosols

Magnetic Bead Purification Module

  • Fully integrated high magnetic field strength deck module for rapid and efficient separation methods
  • Allows for effective fully automated extraction and purification processes

PCR Temperature Module

  • Provides fast and precise temperature control (4- 99oC) to ensure accurate reaction temperatures while connecting workflow between Pre- and Post-PCR, minimizing manual interruption during the procedure

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