MGISP-Smart 8

        For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


        Spreadable 8-Tip Pipetting Platform

        MGISP-Smart 8 is an industrial automated liquid handling platform, standard equipment includes an independent spreading 8 channel pipetting tool, tube & plate bar code scanner and a robotic microplate gripper. The flexible deck racks are adaptable to microplates as well as reservoirs and tubes for a variety of application configurations. With pipetting volume range is from 1μL to 1000μL, single tube pipetting, pooling and multi-pipetting are all easily accomplished.  It saves valuable time and reduces errors inherent in complex, repetitive liquid handling protocols.

        MGISP-Smart 8 supports customization and integration. It can integrate different functional modules, like PCR machine, shaker, magnetic rack, temperature control module, etc.  The platform is also available as an OEM platform customized in your companies color scheme and skins.


        Independent 8-channel Pipette Tool

        • Independent volumes with a variety of tip sizes
        • Variable independent channel spacing
        • Pipetting ranges from 1μL to 1000μL
        • Both liquid level sensing cLLD and pLLD


        Configurable Deck

        • 30 independent tracks
        • Active rack position sensing
        • Multiple types of consumable carriers


        Tube Scanner

        • Frame mounted vertical test tube scanner
        • Scans as deck is manually loaded
        • Most cost effective on market
        • Standard on platform
        • Data file record for tube and rack position


        Plate Scanner

        • Horizontal plate bar code scanner
        • Attached to gripper tool for full deck access
        • Data file record for plate and rack position


        Plate Gripper

        • Gripper on independent drive system than channels
        • Gripper wrist allows for rotation and off-deck peripheral instrument access
        • Real-time sensing of the grip force status, to ensure the stability of the experiment
        • Standard equipment on platform


        Customizable for Applications

        • Flexible automation pipetting workstation for tube to plate applications
        • Multiple rack options allow customization for different labware configurations
        • For use in genomics, cell biology, proteomics, drug development, microbial screening, and more

        Integrated Pipetting Robot Arm Flexible and Efficient

        Slide Track Deck DesignHigh Compatibility

        Sensing and Barcode Scanning Function Intelligent and Informationalized

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