Tube Accessioning - Stand Alone


        For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


        Automated Liquid Handling Decapping/Recapping

        MGISTP-7000 is our newest high-throughput automated sample accessioning system. It integrates barcode identification, tube decapping, automated liquid transfer and tube recapping in a negative pressure protection platform. It eliminates hazardous manual steps from lab technicians and delivers the quality and reliability you expect. You can fully automate the transfer 192 samples from screw cap & vacutainer collection tubes to 96-well microplates in 40 minutes.
        Two channel independent pipette heads, offer a volume range of 10μL to 1000μL. Enabling flexibility efficiency, safety and process quality. All the steps are integrated in a closed and negative pressure system. Two HEPA-filtration and an integrated UV light ensure a safer working environment for both samples and lab technicians.
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        Capping Tool

        • Two dual capping stations, 4 active positions
        • Dual stations allow for 2 tubes to be simultaneously processed
        • Decaps and Recaps with same cap to reduce disposable costs
        • Multiple finger-sets allow for different tube and cap types
        • Rugged design allows for removal of vacutainer tops and screw caps from tubes

        Dual Pipetting Tool3
        Dual Pipetting Tool2

        Dual Pipetting Tool

        • Dual independent pipetting channel tools
        • Pipets into single wells or can pool samples
        • Shucks tips below deck into biohazard bag for safety
        • Pipetting ranges from 1μL to 1000μL
        • Both cLLD and pLLD are available

        Tube Gripper2

        Tube Gripper

        • Industrial Epson robot and tube gripper tool
        • High speed, reliable tube movement
        • Multiple finger-sets allow for a variety of tube types
        • Real time grip sensing in tool


        BarCode Scanner

        • Capping station rotates tube for scanner access, no need to arrange tube barcodes in any orientation
        • Dual sensors scan both tubes simultaneously
        • System transfers tube barcode to plate definition file


        Screw Caps & Vacutainers

        • Standard finger-sets can work with a variety tube types
        • Decapper can be configured to remove vacutainer tops or screw caps
        • Caps are re-capped after sample has been pipetted
        • No need to align bar codes facing in any direction
        • No need to remove swabs from tubes in system

        Unmatched safety

        Supply/Exhaust air filter provides ISO5, 99.995% at 0.3um, creating a particle-free environment inside of MGISTP-7000, which is ideal for most microbiological applications. There is also a filter for potentially contaminated air, exhausting to the outside of the building and providing a safe working environment for Lab.

        Powerful and User-friendly

        An easy-to-use software platform, allows effortless set-up and quick operation. Just a single-click, it will finish the tedious sample pre-analytical steps for you.
        Flexible automation upgrade package - MGISTP-7000 can connect
        with ZLIMS system, which is a powerful laboratory management software, helping you integrate various third part instruments, such as RT-PCR system and nucleic acid extraction system.



        • Fully automates sample accessioning from capped tubes to liquid sample distribution
        • Works with multiple types of human sample collection tubes
        • Processes 2 microplates, 192 samples, in 40 minutes
        • Integrated HEPA hood allows operator safety and easy installation
        • For use in clinical, genomics, cell biology, proteomics, drug development, microbial screening, and more
        7000 workflow 1
        7000 Workflow 2

        One-Stop Sample Preparation and High Productivity

        MGISTP-7000 is designed for laboratories that require high productivity. You can transfer 192 clinical samples from screw cap transport tubes to 96-Well Microplates in 40 minutes. For very high throughput testing operations, you just need to add multiple downstream nucleic acid extraction systems. If you own a standard liquid transfer instrument, high-throughput MGISTP-7000 can maximize your PCR testing efficiency.

        7000 work analysis
        load airtight sample tubes into a standard rack. Just a single-click, it will finish the tedious sample pre-analytical steps for you.

        designed for laboratories that require high productivity. Transfer 192 samples from screw cap collection tubes to 96-Well Microplates in 40 minutes.
        two HEPA-filtration and one UV light ensure a safer working environment for both liquid transfers and lab technicians.

        High Reliability
        barcode information can be automatically stored and transferred to any other piece of automation or into a LIMS system, providing information traceability.

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